Following the traces of Kazantzakis and Patrick Leigh Fermor

Two great spiritual personalities who lived in the area and loved this region. They are Kazantzakis and Patrick Leigh Fermor.

Kazantzakis had lived and worked in the area of Stoupa with Alexis Zorbas where he was inspired to write the novel “Zorba the Greek”.  The house he lived in was on the far tip of the Kalogria beach, at the entrance of which today there is a bust of Kazantzakis, which reveals his special relationship with the region. In the area of Pastrova there are the lignite mines which he had purchased and where Alexis Zorbas was hired as a supervisor

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Over the Kalamitsi beach is the house where the famous British writer Patrick Leigh Fermor had lived. He decided to transfer the ownership of his house to the Benaki Museum, in order to function as a hospitality place for important personalities of Literature and Arts as well as educational center. Furniture, works and books that existed at the house have been transferred to the museum for safekeeping and maintenance until the maintenance works will be finished and for this reason some of its areas are closed.

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